Want Your Boss to

Hire Me?

Sometimes the boss is a little *too* focused on the deadlines to meet. If you think your workplace could benefit from some internal support around corporate culture, equitable infrastructure shifts, and educational opportunities — we’ve got your back!

You can anonymously submit your bosses’ information to “nominate your workplace” and we’ll reach out to them directly on the down-low. Or if you’re feeling like they’ll pick up what you’re putting down, you can download our letter template and it is off to the races my friend. By off to the races we mean off toward more equitable and ethical workspaces.

Nominate your Workplace

Ask us to reach out! We don’t collect your information so you can remain anonymous.

If you’re nominating your boss then we’d like to walk alongside you in accompliceship by doing anything we can to offer more equity building opportunities for your workplace. We’ll take any information you give us below, and send them a nice “hey what’s up hello” (but a little more formatted then that).

Send a letterto your Boss!

Super simple, download the letter. Customize what needs to be customized (we left a fill in the blank for you), and voila! 

3 minute task at most.