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We work with government, large for-profits, non-profit organizations, public figures, small businesses, and schools. While there is intersectionality in every sector, the application of equity work looks a little different everywhere we go.

From creating equity and equality development plans, supporting internal corporate culture, developing your social responsibility strategy, auditing your policies and procedures, supporting dismantling your full infrastructure, or providing education opportunities… It all comes down to getting to know the rooted systemic blockages that are creating barriers for your organization to be facilitating it’s best and most ethical work.

How does this work!? We like to hop on a discovery session call where we determine your greatest needs and if we’re able to support you effectively.

Nine Rising does not only contribute to for-profit work. It is important to us that when addressing systemic inequities that we on the front lines. We do this by:

_ Pro bono efforts and time in grassroots initiatives donating our labour and mobilizing our finances.

_ Connecting our clients to equitable vetted organizations that do not adhere to industrial complex non-profit models, and creating sustaining relationships.

_ Amplifying our community of equity workers, because this work is not a capitalist focus for us, it’s a long term commitment to justice.

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